In conclusion…

If I were to imagine a few creative ways that I might use the media skills I’ve developed this quarter in my own professional career they would be very relevant to my current career. Through school I work long distance for my father’s business. I am responsible for keeping the content of his website,, up to date and other media things such as designing informational pamphlets and other promotional material. I previously did this with little knowledge and essentially trial and error. Now I not only can update the the text of my dad’s website, but also the look and images. It will be a project for me over winter break to update the appearance of the website. I am also excited about utilizing keynote, especially the voice recording function, to make more interesting presentations for his company.
In order to accomplish something like this I need to find the time. I also need to keep the skills I have learned fresh. I hope to use what I have learned in this class as a starting point to delve deeper into web and media design.
College in itself is a step toward multiple career options. Simply having a degree means I can work in many different areas or even pursue a further degree in a variety of fields. Right now my career goal is to become a physical therapist. I am testing this goal, and have been for many years, through volunteering experience and research. The ultimate test for me will be wether I am accepted into a graduate program in physical therapy. If this does not happy I will definitely have to rethink my career but there will be a large variety of options available to me.

Website Skills

My media and technology skills at this point in the quarter are better than the beginning of class but I still don’t feel very confident. I think my skills in reality may be better than my perception of them are however. For example, while updating my website I will unconsciously know how to update and improve what I want even though I constantly think I’m going to mess the entire thing up. I have yet to ruin any aspect of my website and am actually really impressed with it; it feels like I didn’t even make it.

One area I’d like to improve the most is my confidence. I feel like if were more confident in my skills and abilities than I could push myself to do more with my website and other assignments such as video. I feel much more comfortable working with the white paper becasue it is much more familiar to me as a writing assignment.

The media technology skills that I think I will use the most in my future outside of school are the skills with website editing. I have already been applying my skills to help improve my dad’s website. My uncle built the website for my dad’s business a few years ago and I have taken over the job of keeping the website up to date. Its been nice to actually apply my skills as small as they feel sometimes.


Critical thinking is solving a puzzle. It’s looking at all of the pieces you have laid out on the table and piecing them together. Starting with the obvious edges and finishing with the sky section of the puzzle where all of the pieces seem like there are exactly the same. Once all of the pieces have been assessed and put into place a conclusion can be drawn about the image formed. To be an effective critical thinker one must be rational, objective, and unbiased. 

I really enjoy critical thinking and problem solving. I like feeling the gears turning in my brain and finding conclusions that aren’t always what I expected. I like being pushed to think beyond the obvious solution or conclusion and I like finding facts that throw a complete wrench into what I had previously thought to be right. I like seeing things from other’s perspectives and sometimes you can learn more from those who’s views you find too extreme or biased, whether you agree or not they push you to question your own reality and truth. I’ve taken to occasionally listening to NPR and watching Fox news because the sometimes extreme ideas and opinions help me to shape a well-informed and balanced conclusion. Sometimes, however, I feel so bombarded by different perspectives and views that I find it hard to come to a strong, concrete conclusion.

I think that I use critical thinking in all of my classes. It is one of the reasons I love the sciences so much. I love math and chemistry, physics, and other sciences are often using math to solve complex critical thinking problems. I love trying to sift through what’s necessary and I feel so accomplished when I write down the correct answer. I also use critical thinking a lot for logistical and social situations. I very often find myself using critical thinking to come up with an effective way to work with group members in a group project. Or when I am taking a multiple choice quiz I forgot to study for I try to use critical thinking skills to not fail and sometimes I do much better than I would have expected.  I will use critical think all my life and in all aspects of my life and I look forward to it. 

Weaving the Dream

This past week we started working on our websites. It is actually pretty to learn how to make a simple site for yourself. I’m looking forward to customizing my site more in the future. I was pretty surprised by how easy it is to use start up a website, now I know why so many people have websites!

I think that I liked using dreamweaver…I’m not sure yet that I know how to fully utilize it as the most effective and efficient tool it can be. I’m sure with time I will learn how to get dreamweaver to do what I want. I think the biggest challenge is the fact that I feel like making a website is a never ending project. I could keep editing and fine tuning the banner, colors, and content forever and still not feel like it is perfect. I will need to learn when things are good enough to stop, strive for close to perfect instead of perfection and know that I can change things in the future.

At first I feel like the only people that will see my website are my parents and maybe some friends. It will be a while before I am applying to school and/or jobs and will find need of my website. I think that my focus will be on having my website ready for when I am applying to school. If that is my goal then it is important for me to have information about extracurricular activities that I am involved in as well as displaying skills and information learned in my classes at Cal Poly.  

The link to my website:


Goal-setting is an important skill to have. I like to set more long-term general goals such as to become a physical therapist or to get into Cal Poly. I set both of these goals for myself at a young age, giving myself plenty of time to accomplish all of the little sub-goals associated with achieving the main goal. With such long term goals I try not to be overly specific with the path necessary to achieve the goal. The flexibility of time and method allow for a higher likelihood of achievement as failure of sub-goals is less likely as man of them are set as the context of real life allows them to be.

A challenge that I often deal with when setting such long term goals is the time. Long term goals require patience and a constant focus on the end goal even when it seems unattainably distant. When this happens I try to stop focusing on the main goal and start focusing on creating sub goals that I accomplish now. These little goals keep me motivated and help me to stay in focus of the end vision.

This quarter I am about as motivated to set goals as I am any other period of my life. Each quarter I try to set a couple sub goals that will eventually all add up to lead to my main goal. This quarter I am focusing on keeping my grades up, especially in prerequisite classes, and gaining more physical therapy shadowing experience. I am also striving to maintain close relationships in the personal realm. These three goals are easily attainable over a 11-week period and add up to take me one step closer to some of my main goals. 

Becoming a Creative Problem Solver

When I was in about 6th grade my school, St. Francis of Assisi, was going through WASC re-accreditation. The teachers had high expectations of us ‘older students’ (it is a K-8 school) to impress the people from WASC. My computers teacher had the class memorize the school-wide learning expectations. One of the expectations was to be lifelong learner and a creative problem solver. Those are two titles that have stuck with me and that i have strived to fulfill. I try to solve every problem I encounter creatively and effectively with as much knowledge as I can accrue. Before solving a problem I dot eh appropriate research and try to view the issue from multiple angles. From there I pick the most effective and simple solution. I actually very much enjoy problem solving. For the most part I find the task fun and stimulating.

The school I attended from Kindergarten to 8th grade

A problem that I have recently been tackling is the transition from PC to Mac. I have used a PC for as long as I can remember and only ever used a Mac in elementary school (the previously mentioned computers class was taught on the old colored Macs). I would never have switched from a PC except that I recently moved in with a boyfriend that is obsessed with Apple. He has set me up with his ‘extra’ Mac Mini and the learning curve has been much greater than I expected. Although the boyfriend is very helpful I am stubborn and want to learn on my own. Much of my homework takes more time then usual as I try to google solutions to my problems and do research on using my new Mac efficiently. My media class is also coincidentally taught on Macs, so that class has also been helpful in pushing me to utilize my new Apple product most efficiently.

I love doing research. I have always enjoyed reading and learning new things, so research is something that I pride myself in begin good at. My research, however, tends to not be so great when the topic I am looking into is not interesting to me. In that situation, I often put in the least amount of effort necessary to complete the assignment.

Some Bits About Me

My name is Clarisse and I was born and raised in Concord, CA. I’ve lived in the same house with my parents and elder sister, Kelsey, since Kindergarten. I also have a sassy cat named Jade. My sister is a Registered Dietician and now lives in Boise. I have a very large extended family and grew up with a lot of cousins to play with. My family and close friends are extremely important to me and I wouldn’t be as happy and successful today if it weren’t for their unconditional love and support. 

I have always known that I want a career in the medical field, but I knew that I didn’t want to be a doctor or a nurse. Medical school is wayyy to long and expensive and nursing deals with more body fluids then I would care to. In high school I was a very active member of my school’s chapter of Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA). Through this organization I was able to find tune my desires and find my calling; to become a physical therapist. In this club I also competed at the national level in HOSA Bowl, a quiz bowl game with primarily medical questions. HOSA Bowl is the most fun and challenging thing I did in high school.

This is my HOSA Bowl team and our amazing advisor Mrs. Gower after winning second place at the state level.


I chose to go to Cal Poly many years ago when my sister was looking at colleges. I was about 12 years old and the Cal Poly campus and the town of San Luis Obispo were exactly what I imagined college to be like. My sister ended up going to Cal Poly so I spent a lot of time here before I applied. When I applied to college I only applied to Cal Poly (I wouldn’t advise others to do the same and I’m not sure what my mother was thinking in allowing me to only apply to one school…) I was so happy and excited to be a Cal Poly student and I still am. My near-future goals are to graduate Cal Poly in hopefully a total of four years with a degree in Kinesiology and all of the necessary pre-requisites for graduate school. I would like to be accepted to either UCSF or Samuel Merritt and become a physical therapist.